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Smart Building Automation Solutions

Next-generation solutions for digital buildings

Work with us to Increase the Value of your Assets and Enhance your Business Performance

Several studies have shown high performing buildings result in higher lease rates and increased resale value. We work with clients to identify opportunities to increase asset value with enhanced technology and improve overall business performance.

Building Automation

Next-generation automation hardware and software solutions for digital buildings

Indoor Air Quality

Our unique solution provides real-time IAQ monitoring with the scale to automatically optimize mechanical systems for the healthiest occupant conditions

Data Analytics

Data analytics platform for real-time performance optimization improving the bottom line

Cloud & IoT Solutions

We leverage the latest IoT technology and communication protocols to provide enhanced monitoring & optimization


Synertek Automation is proud to be the exclusive Sauter Controls distributor and System Integrator for BC and Western Canada.

Sauter Controls is a Global Industry leader in building automation and room controls. Sauter controls not only provides world-class building control hardware and software but also supplies peripheral control devices and sensors such as: valves, actuators, thermostat controllers, air quality sensors, IoT gateways.

Flexible Protocol Integration

Integration of different communication protocols is key to successful smart building implementation. We specialize in providing direct protocol integration to combine HVAC, lighting, occupancy, access control, IAQ, etc. into a common platform. Some common industry protocols are listed below, however, we work with lots more.


Are You Ready to Enhance your Business Performance with Smart Building Integration?

What we Do?

We work with clients to understand the requirements for their buildings, portfolio and business. We provide solutions to: 

  • Increase lease and resale value through digital infrastructure.

  • Reduce energy consumption.

  • Optimize building operations.

  • Provide healthy, high-quality air.

  • Enhance the occupant experience.

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