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Dive Into the New Age of Building Automation

Our Services

Building Automation

Synertek Automation is a turnkey building automation provider. We specialize in next-generation systems based on BACnet IP protocol to deliver future-proof and scalable solutions for our clients. Our full service includes:


Supply & Install



Building Management Software

We provide building and enterprise software solutions for building Owners and Organizations. Our solutions are customizable to meet the client requirements and focus on maximizing building efficiency while providing direct integration of third party systems. Talk to us about local, virtual or cloud-based software solutions.

Data Analytics

All building automation systems rely on robust transfer of data to perform basic and advanced functions. This data is extremely valuable for advanced building commissioning and optimization. Our data analytics solutions leverage building operating data to increase efficiency and create savings on the bottom line.

Indoor Air Quality

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) has never been a more important issue within our buildings. On average is North America we spend 90% of our time indoors. The Covid-19 pandemic has introduced the requirement for enhanced monitoring and optimization technologies for IAQ. Our unique solution focuses on real-time monitoring and optimization of Indoor Air Quality to reassure building occupants and generate financial savings for Owners and employers. 

IoT - Internet of Things

The integration of IoT sensors and devices into smart buildings is disrupting conventional approaches to the building automation industry. IoT systems are a network of sensors and computers connected for automatic communication with little if any human interaction. Adoption of IoT devices in smart buildings provides an order of magnitude increase in granularity of building performance and strategies for optimization to enhance the occupant experience and maximize energy efficiency.

Master Systems Integrator

Using the latest technologies for smart building management and protocol integration, Synertek Automation brings systems - like HVAC, lighting, plumbing and access control - and networks together to share data, improve operations and create smarter, healthier buildings.

Measurement & Verification

With our diverse background in research & Development we offer solutions for independent Measurement & Verification for commercialization projects in the energy sector. We have a track record of working with Energy Utilities, Consulting Engineers and Contractors to deliver successful projects that provide essential findings for the reduction of GHG emissions.


We Integrate with your Assets and your Business

Talk to us to learn more about opportunities to enhance your automation system and business performance with integration of digital technology. We offer a free opportunity assessment where feasible. Contact us to get started.

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